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Cash For Your Notes – We Buy Promissory Notes, Business Notes, Real Estate Notes & Mortgage Notes-

This is all we do. We have our hands constantly on the pulse of this niche market. We create a market for owner held notes and can quickly pay you cash for your note.

We Buy Promissory Notes – The promissory note is a legal instrument that acts as a promise between the borrowers for repaying loans to a lender. These notes often act in the same manner as the loan documents of the bank. However, the promissory notes allow anyone to become a lender of the money or the property. In the recent years, these notes have become increasingly popular and they are used as a vehicle for non-traditional lending. Moreover, the borrowers also do not require excellent credit for the same. Therefore, with these notes, you can always lend and borrow outside the normal channels.

We Buy Business Notes – Are you interested in double digit returns for your real estate? Then it’s a good time how to sell your mortgage notes and get the best value of your money. In fact, First Equity Note is one of the leading Business Note Buyers and we have been operating in this business since a long time now. We have a huge knowledge on the niche market and we create the ideal market for the owner of the business notes.

We Buy Mortgage Notes – When you are looking for companies that buy mortgage notes, some of the things you want to look for is a company that will do extensive research on both the property and the payer of the note. The credit worthiness is a very important component of the whole package and should not be treated lightly. The mortgagee should have a credit report from the inception of the contract, but it is always a good idea to get an updated status, as the economy and other factors that affect the ability of the payer to meet the provisions of the agreement will often change.

We Buy Real State Notes – Over the last couple of years, one of the questions I get asked most often is, how do I sell my real estate note? Because of the recent real estate bust, many home owners that had to sell their homes for one reason or the other, had to sell on a land contract or take back a mortgage note as banks were not giving loans in many cases. Because of the drastic drop in property values, the properties would not appraise for what the owners needed to sell their homes for, so taking back a real estate note was the best option at the time.

We Offer Cash For Your Note– If you are receiving payments on a private loan, you might want to have some cash now. In fact, if you are receiving payments on any real estate note or loan, you can now look forward to getting Cash For Your Note. First Equity Note is one of the premier and reliable company that can buy the notes and give instant cash to you.