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About Our Company

Richard Evans is the owner and the founder of First Equity Note, LLC. He has over 40 years in the field of finance, Insurance, Real Estate and at one time was also securities licensed. First Equity Note, LLC is focused on the liquidation of Land Contract and Mortgage notes and making available a lump sum cash payout to the note holder as opposed to waiting for the money due over an extended period of time, in monthly installments. First Equity is also a valuable resource to those that are looking for attractive returns on Real Estate secured investments. Since these types of investments pay monthly installments, they are typically very attractive to the person that is retired and looking for a monthly.

Benefits To Selling Your Note


You are likely here perusing our website because you hold a Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Bond for Title, Mortgage Note or Promissory Note and are interested in possibly selling it or perhaps just a purchase of it. We hope that as you take the time to read through our website you will find it helpful and informative in getting to know us a little better and in familiarizing yourself with the world of owner financed note buying and selling.